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Authentic CBD with simple ingredients

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CBD Gummies

Our CBD Gummies are infused with a perfect dose of CBD – 6 milligrams. They combine the perfect blend of sweetness and texture necessary to allow you to enjoy CBD properly. Many people take CBD to support normal recovery from stress and relieve inflammation from regular exercise and activity.
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CBD Keto MCT Oil

Oncali CBD Keto MCT Oil is a simple way to infuse CBD into whatever you like. With zero (0) Net Carbs and no sugar, a single full dropper holds approximately 1 ml, containing 33 mg of CBD.
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CBD Recovery Cream

Our Recovery Cream helps to hydrate and refresh your skin while also forming a protective barrier. Infused with Ceramides, Colloidal Oatmeal, and Cannabidiol (CBD), this cream has everything your hands need to feel wonderful.
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CBD Lip Balm

Our lip balm is carefully produced to moisturize and protect your lips. The creamy, soft lip balm is infused with CBD to micro-dose every time you apply it. Scented with an essential oil, the creamy peach or strawberry flavor is lovely to enjoy on a daily basis.
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CBD Sample Pack

Try a sample of our CBD gummies without committing to an entire jar. Great for friends who are curious about CBD. Our CBD Gummies are infused with a perfect dose of CBD – 6 milligrams.
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CBD Recipes

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Our Story

Founded in Sunny California

Oncali delivers high quality cannabidiol (CBD) products with proper lab testing and a risk-free guarantee. If you are curious about how CBD can fit into your healthy lifestyle, our products are the perfect fit. Oncali is devoted to providing great service, fast shipping, and trusted ingredients.

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    October 14, 2020

    All About CBD Skincare

    CBD-infused products have seemingly dominated the skin care industry, especially over the last few years. If you frequent the skin care aisle of your favorite store at all, you almost-definitely have noticed the surge of CBD skin care products for sale.
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    October 3, 2020

    Managing stress-levels during COVID-19

    Nearly everyone has experienced at least some anxiety during COVID-19. Whether it is intense and constant stress or just slightly overwhelmed by it all, the times feel dark and uncertain. From early 2020 until the time this article was written (Fall 2020),...

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  • How Does CBD Work?
    September 3, 2020

    How Does CBD Work?

    How does CBD actually work? As with any wellness trend, there is an initial sense of skepticism among the masses about how the product actually works. Many are quick to label CBD as snake oil, either because of things they have read about it or personal experiences they’ve had for themselves.
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