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How to Take CBD - The Right Way

How to Take CBD - The Right Way

How much CBD someone uses is entirely dependent on their body and its individual needs, just like other health and wellness supplements.

Someone who has taken CBD for a while and has built up a “tolerance” to CBD may require a higher dosage than a person who has never taken it before.

If it is your first time taking it, the rule of thumb is “start low and start slow”. Most people recommend taking half a dropper to a dropper full of CBD Oil once a day to start. The same goes for gummies and other CBD edibles, start with one and see how you feel.

How can I take CBD?

There are a few different ways to take CBD. We mentioned above two of the most common ways people take CBD, gummies and CBD oil. People also smoke CBD flower, vape CBD oil, and apply CBD topicals to their skin.

Smoking or vaping CBD is by far the most instantaneous method. The user typically feels the effects right away, but like other methods of CBD administration, smoking or vaping CBD does not get you high. The federal government requires all CBD products to contain less than 0.3% THC.

We do not recommend smoking CBD for a first time user due to the confusion of dosage and the immediate and powerful effects it brings. Those with chronic pain, especially in a specific area, like to use CBD topicals in order to localize their pain relief. Most people report feeling relief from a CBD topical within 15 minutes of use. Like CBD oil and CBD edible products, starting low and slow with all CBD is a good rule to go by.

When should I increase my dosage?

It will take your body some time to notice any major changes when using CBD oil or gummies, so allow yourself two to three weeks of time to examine how you are feeling before deciding to increase your dosage. If after a few weeks you feel you need to increase your dosage, our first suggestion is to keep the same dosage but increase the frequency in which you take the CBD.

So if you were taking it once a day, try taking it twice a day for a few weeks and monitor how you are feeling. Some people take CBD multiple times throughout the day in order to best reap the benefits of the supplement.

What time of day is best to take CBD?

What time of day you take CBD is dependent on you and your body, similar to dosage. Some people report feeling sleepy after taking CBD, so they take their dose at night right before going to sleep. Others say it doesn’t make them tired at all and helps them focus, so they take it in the morning before they start their day. Some people take it in the afternoon as an energizing pick-me-up.

Everyone is different.

We suggest taking it in the morning first in order to best identify how it works with your body. It is hard to pinpoint immediate effects of CBD if you are sleeping when it is most active in your body, so taking it in the morning will allow you to determine how your body reacts. There is no “wrong” time to take CBD, it just depends on you and what you are looking to get out of a CBD supplement.

What happens if I take too much CBD?

CBD is generally regarded as safe, even in high doses. As of now, there have been no overdoses associated with CBD use alone. Therefore, taking “too much” CBD does not usually result in anything other than possibly feeling a little sleepy. If you feel you have taken too much CBD and are concerned, calling your doctor may ease your mind.

Like any supplement, please consult your doctor before prior use.

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