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What makes CBD Gummies Special?

What makes CBD Gummies Special?

Why Start With Gummies?

Many people who first learn about our brand are curious - why did we focus entirely on gummies as the best way to consume CBD? Nothing ever happens for a single reason - gummies are a great delivery medium due to their iconic flavor, look, and composition.

Fantastic Taste

Raw CBD is not a pleasant tasting cannabinoid, many people report it having a bitter aftertaste. The sweet sugar in a gummy bear does wonders to mask the harshness, without being too much sugar to impact your health.

Higher concentrations of CBD often result in a stronger flavor, which may not be something you are interested in. Do what you feel is the best depending on your personal preference.

There is simply no reason to subject yourself to a flavor you don’t like if you don’t have to. Adding just enough sugar is a remarkable way to make CBD a bit more simple to take.

Fun Aesthetics

The look of the gummies is also very important - to help people feel more comfortable around CBD. Many people hate taking pills - either because it reminds them of medicine or they don’t like swallowing uncomfortable things.

We want to remove any difficult obstacle to fitting CBD in your lifestyle. Anyone can enjoy a gummy - and CBD is all about taking joy in the little things in life a bit more. Gummy bears are iconic for a reason - they have a classic look, a friendly face and vibrant colors.

Special Ingredients

The composition of a gummy bear is the biggest reason why they are a great fit for CBD. Gummies are shelf stable, don’t melt easily, have a fairly uniform percentage of healthy and organic ingredients, and can be divided into half by hand.

If you know how much CBD you want to take, you can take exactly the right amount, every time. Overall, we just want CBD to be fun and easy to love. Gummies don’t have to be complicated - you can just take one before going to bed or when you wake up - it’s your choice. If you’re going to do something every day, make sure it’s something you like to do!

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