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Oncali CBD Gummies


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Enjoy the moment. Clear your mind, support your mental well-being.

Our CBD Gummies are infused with a perfect dose of CBD – 7.5 milligrams. They combine the perfect blend of sweetness and texture necessary to allow you to enjoy CBD properly. Many people take CBD to support normal recovery from stress and relieve inflammation from regular exercise and activity. Our CBD Gummies promote healthy rest and are the perfect company for a great night's sleep!

Oncali is authentic CBD, made the way it was meant to be. Our California based brand carefully selects what goes into our products, only using exceptional ingredients. We test our products and publish our results so you can relax with our CBD without having to worry about what’s inside.

Each gummy contains 7.5 milligrams of cannabidiol and we recommend you take two CBD gummies at a time.

Product Details

  • Sweetened with Organic Fruit Juices
  • Small Batch with Natural Ingredients
  • Grown from California Hemp
  • Contains Gelatin
  • Lab tested for Purity
  • Made in the USA

Lab Test Report Link

Note: We are adjusting our packaging labels and cannot guarantee which label you will receive. Ingredients are unchanged.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Best Tasting CBD Gummies by far!

These gummies are so good, they can be like candy for the soul. They are healthy and taste like fruit but not overly sweet, just plain goodness that gives you that relaxation. I use them before I go to sleep and they work like magic!


I bought these gummies desperate to find something to help me fall asleep. Unfortunately, these didn't do it. Not that I'm surprised. I've been a lifelong insomniac so I don't know why I thought this product would work.


Thanks to Oncali gummies, I can get a decent night sleep. As someone who suffers with insomnia and anxiety they are a HUGE help. Taste great, reasonably priced, wonderful!!!! Thank you!!!

I like the Gummies just not all the flavors

These gummies work as a sleep induced for me. I take one on the evenings I am having a hard time unwinding and they make me feel drowsy quite quickly. I like most of the flavors but would like to be able to purchase one flavor at a time as not all of them taste good to me. It’s just personal preference nothing wrong with the product.

Great Tasting Gummies and Work Great Too!

These gummies are consistently excellent! I love the new flavors!!