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Oncali Giveaways

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Oncali + Era Giveaway - $300 in CBD and Mushroom Supplements


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Prizes includes
$150 worth of Oncali CBD Gummies
$150 worth of Era Vitality Blend
Ends 5/31/2022


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Prizes includes
$250 Oncali CBD Gummies and MCT Oil
$250 Sivana Gift Card
$250 Winni Cash Gift Card
5 Month Supply of Sweet Harmony Chocolate Bars ($250 Value)
2-year Premium Styling Membership ($240 value)
Preemadonna Nailbot ($200 Value)
$150 Bright Cellars VISA Gift Card
$150 in Koa Beauty Products + $100 AMEX gift card

Total value: $1,840  

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Win these $1000+ worth of empowering and self-care essentials to feel good in your body and enhance your mental health!

- $250 CBD Gummies and MCT Oil from Oncali

Gogh Jewelry Design: $500 jewelry to help focus your intentions

- $150 gift card for supplements from BB: Be BLISSFUL Be BALANCED Be BOLD

- A Pagua Bay candle & scent coin. Value - $145 from Isle de Nature

- 1x Case of Craftmix - $150 value from Craftmix

- Skin + Health Test ($149), BioEvolve Set ($135) from Veracity